Exceptional Food ~

“Thank you SO much for the lovely hors oeuvres at the R.’s home last night! The food was delicious and the displays incredible! The most important kudos is from the hostess herself…BJ was SO pleased with every aspect of your service and the food. You make my job SO easy. Thank you very much!” ~ Janice B.

 “Dinner tonight was exceptional!!! Who would have thought Potato Encrusted Chicken could taste so good. Nothing leftover is always a good sign. My compliments to the chef!” ~ Judy

 “Thanks again for just a wonderful job catering this event for us. It went unbelievably well, thanks in no small part to your very efficient staff, the visually appealing displays and the delicious food. I hope to enjoy your services again in the future. Feel free to use my name as a reference any time.” Ron A.

“Thank you so much for an amazing lunch – it was delicious!  I believe, apart from my home cooked meals, that was the closest thing I’ve had to a truly British tasting roast dinner in my 15 years in the states!” Karen R.

“I wanted to pass along some comments I heard about the food you provided yesterday. Dr. M. raved about your potato salad. He said if the students hadn’t been there to see him he would have eaten the entire bowl. The students really loved everything and there wasn’t a wrap, salad, or dessert bar left!” ~ Diane D.

“Once again, you amaze me. Lunch was wonderful today.”  Debra B.

“Today was our last Friday lunch for the semester and you outdid yourselves with the food. I heard nothing but raves about the chicken (there was none left for the staff!). Your fingerling potatoes and bread pudding were outstanding. We always look forward to you food and really appreciate all that you’ve done for us.” ~ Diane D.

Friendly, Efficient Staff ~

 “As always, everything was wonderful, people commented on how delicious the food was and Tess was awesome! We are very lucky to have found such a wonderful catering company, you and your staff really go above and beyond and it is very much appreciated!” ~ Shaunna

“What a success the party was last night! Your crew was wonderful – so pleasant and so efficient, they were everywhere all the time. The food was perfect – people were talking about it all night.” ~ Erin A.

“The party was great. We received many compliments on the appetizers (especially the lamb), the dinner, and everyone thought the dessert was to die for!! Additionally, your staff made every effort to ensure the evening was a success. They were a pleasure to work with as always. Thanks again and Happy Holidays!” ~ Jane R.

“Stuart, I have to tell you that the caterer that was used for the event we spoke about yesterday had good food, but the service was nothing compared to yours! Even the Dean commented on it! They dropped four trays of glasses in one hour…it was horrible!” ~ Amanda B.

 “I wanted you to see this wonderful note from Professor L. about last night’s dinner. He has, at times, been very hard to please and, as you will see from his note, you succeeded! Thanks once again for making my event a success.” ~ Amanda B.


            The caterer last night was simply terrific. The food was great – they even had a vegetarian entrée! – and the young lady (Dawn) who provided the service was impeccable. In fact, I would appreciate it if you would let the owner or manager of Seasons know that she was absolutely wonderful – attentive and thoughtful, unobtrusive but present when needed. In fact the entire dinner service was so effortlessly professional, it helped make the evening’s dinner as relaxed and pleasant an affair as we hoped it would be. My hat is off to Seasons.

            Thank you very much, M.

“Just a quick note to say “THANK YOU” and also to share with you that everyone who attended absolutely enjoyed every bite! I would like to say that working with Lauren and Tess was a great pleasure! They were knowledgeable, friendly and even laughed at my jokes.” ~ Michell K.

“As always, everything was spectacularly wonderful yesterday!!! So many raves on the food, the presentation, and Dawn was terrific! Once again, I was happy to toot Seasons’ horn “loud & proud” to all who inquired.” ~ Meri M.

“I just wanted to pass along our appreciation for your catering and service staff for our party. Our guests loved the food! The professional wait staff was equally impressive – Dawn and Melissa pitched in for everything I asked and left things spotless at the end of the evening. I will not hesitate to use your services again in the future.” ~ Brad J.

Professional & Accommodating Customer Service ~

“As we are near the end of the trial, I just wanted to take a moment to say “thank you” from me and the other members of our trial team for preparing such delicious meals for us during out stay in Phoenix. Your team has been very accommodating to us especially with some of our last minute requests. We appreciate your professionalism and thoughtfulness and I would recommend your company wholeheartedly.” ~ Wanda M.

“Thank you again for taking over at the last minute and providing everything for a wonderful evening at the S.’s home. Thought you’d enjoy Stephanie’s note to me!” ~ Janice B.

Hi Janice:

I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your referral to Stuart Kramer for the event last Saturday. He was available and jumped right in to try to match our menu as much as possible. His servers were very professional and it all went as smoothly as could be. Disaster averted!

            Merry Christmas!


“Stuart, I cannot express how much I appreciate you pulling me out of the bind this morning. You truly do great customer service. I will not forget this and owe you big time. The food was delicious and everything worked out. Thanks again.” ~ Joanne R.

“Hi Stuart – you are, indeed, a champ! Thanks so much for the budget adjustment without having to make substantial cuts in the menu. We are good to go!” ~ Linda B.

“I just wanted to thank you for the excellent service and food you provided for us. I loved the chicken and I heard lots of comments about the veggie dish too! Excellent!” ~ Carol W.

“The food was just amazing today, thank you so much for making special accommodations and providing us with gluten-free food. We had people from every department within the engineering school and many of them asked where we got the food from and of course I gave you the highest praises!” ~ Kristin O.

“For the Admins:

Today I called Lauren at about 10:50am asking for lunch for four people at noon. Then I called back about 15 minutes later, upping the count by one.

At about 11:30, Lauren arrived with sandwiches, condiments, pasta salad, freshly-baked cookies, all plasticware, AND A TABLECLOTH for our five hungry people. She brought everything upstairs on her handy dandy rolling cart and by 11:50, everything was completely set up with nicely-displayed food and utensils. Awesome, Lauren! So now we KNOW Seasons can definitely come through with last minute lunches.

Thanks again, Lauren, for Wednesday’s yummy lunch, plus today’s miracle. You’re the BEST!!!” ~ Joan M.

“Stuart, I am so blessed just to know you, much less to be able to do business together creating beautiful events which is something that we both love and have a passion for (doesn’t that make all the difference!?!?). I am so glad that our paths crossed at the bridal show and I look forward to many continued years of working together!” ~ Emily

“If I haven’t said so before, I do SO appreciate your help and your wonderful cooperative attitude…not to mention your yummy food and extremely reliable service. (We even call you when we’re not on your schedule!!) It helps me more than you’ll ever know to have someone creative and reliable like you to handle the catering. I never have to worry that food will be delicious, set up on time, and picked up handily. I am thankful for you every time you come.” ~ Jan S.

“Just a short note to thank you and your staff for a wonderful evening. As I mentioned to you on the phone, I have been in the party planning business and know exactly what it entails to create a memorable event. I cannot say enough about the way you and your staff conducted yourselves. I appreciated your prompt return of phone calls and quick response with proposals. Our menu was traditional, yet imaginative. The food was delicious and displayed beautifully. The girls were polite, sociable, and very efficient. They had the kitchen cleaned and put back in order as if a party never occurred that evening. I enjoyed working with you and will not hesitate to call on you in the future for all of my catering needs.” ~ Bryn M.

“I really appreciate all you have done for us, not only last night, but also all the lunches. It is such a pleasure to work with someone who has such delicious food and is also so reliable and attentive to detail. You will certainly be my first choice for any future catering we need.” ~ Davis D.

“I know how I work and I like to think of my caterers as being an extension of me. If they aren’t up to par, I totally take responsibility for it and I’m not happy. They don’t come back and mediocre is not acceptable. I’ve been wanting to find someone that if I were cooking and presenting a meal your food is what I would put out. I feel I’ve found that with you and your company. I mean this sincerely. I have a lot of respect for you and your work ethic.” ~ Anna D.

“I want to thank you again for calling me this morning. I really appreciate your professionalism and diligence on this project. In this business, things happen but it is how we react and deal with them is what really counts. I appreciate your partnership.” ~ Betsy J.

Spectacular, Successful, & Memorable Events ~

“Thank you for all you and your team at Seasons did to help make our wedding celebration perfect. Throughout the process you met all of our needs and desires. Our guests have been raving ever since. They’ve told us how great your food was, how great your staff was, and how you made the evening seem flawless. We can’t thank you enough. It was a magical wedding – your spirit, excellence and creativity were the perfect complement. All our best.” ~ Marnee & Rick

“Thank you so much for helping to make Monica’s surprise party even better than we imagined. The food, the colors, everything was amazing. We appreciate all your guidance and enjoyed working with you. Kudos to Luke and Kathy – they were fantastic and fit right in. Way kudos to Marty – I understand he is the magician in the kitchen!” ~ Miki G.

“Stuart, what can I say, everything last night was excellent. From the creative appetizers to the delicious entrée, to your professional staff, I kept hearing compliments all night. We were treated to an incredible experience – that dessert was also incredible! Thanks again for helping to make it a special night for Trish.” ~ Amanda B.

“Thank you so much for all your help on our wine tasting event! Everything was wonderful and your staff was an absolute pleasure to work with. Thanks again, I could not have done it without you!” ~ Gerri G.

“My party was a success. In fact, my harshest critic (my mother) told me it was the best party she had ever been to.

Thank you for helping to make it memorable for me and my guests.” ~ Jacque M.

“I would like to thank you for the wonderful holiday luncheon you and your company provided for us. Our staff gave rave reviews and very positive comments about the delicious food ant the choice of decorations that turned our “kitchen” into a festive setting. The food and desserts were so good I had to listen to several people whine about overeating, which tends to happen whenever you cater our events.

“It’s hard to believe this was the third holiday party that you have catered for us. As you might remember, we had always taken our holiday party out to a local hotel or resort but felt an alternative was needed with the economic turn. That is when you and I met and the relationship between Seasons Gourmet Catering and my company began. Since that time your company has helped with a variety of events including breakfasts and lunches for sales meetings, retirement parties and other celebrations in addition to our holiday lunch. Without a doubt, Seasons Gourmet Catering has become our catering company of choice.” ~ John S.

“I just wanted to express my sincere thanks for making our lunch and reception a big success last week. I have heard many favorable comments – as usual – and wanted to personally say “thank you” to all those involved. There’s one comment in particular that I wanted to pass along. When they were on their way to get their lunch prior to the meeting, the CEO (corporate, mind you) made a statement that she always looks forward to coming to Chandler because “Colleen absolutely uses the best caterer around!” So there you have it! Thank you for making my job easier. You never, ever disappoint. You are appreciated!” ~ Colleen Z.

“Just wanted to let you know EVERYONE totally enjoyed breakfast this morning. This is always a favorite treat for the staff during this busy time of year. I think we have started a tradition which cannot be broken. Thank you so much for providing a beautiful food experience for the hard workers here.” ~ Maurica T.

Many, many thanks to our wonderful clients for taking the time & effort to share their experiences & feedback with us ~

All the Best,
Stuart Kramer
and the Seasons Gourmet Catering Team