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We appreciate all of our loyal Seasons fans and customers, so we’re making it even easier for you to keep in touch. Not only have we revamped our Facebook page, but you can now follow us on Twitter!

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As if that wasn’t enough, be on the lookout for a new blog post coming soon. It may even involve a contest for some free goodies!

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Well this is a fun time of year for foodies! While we are definitely moving away from items that are typically connected to the winter, it is most certainly cold in the rest of the country, but locally, we are moving quickly towards spring!

Spring bounty offers us an early peek at some of the culinary fare that we will be featuring for the next several months. While we will make some modifications as some foods become less available and others, more so, the next few months will feature varieties of fresh spring lettuces, wonderful fruits and berries and even a few surprises that, perhaps, you may not be as familiar with like Meyer lemons and watermelon radishes!

All of us at Seasons Gourmet Catering would also like to welcome Lauren Grant to our team this spring! Some of you already know Lauren from some of the work we’ve been doing for you recently. For those of you not familiar, Lauren is our new account manager. She has been a long standing friend of the company now for many years and has recently joined us on a more permanent basis. Lauren’s excellent customer service and talent for writing will be seen in our soon to be released news letter as well as on Facebook, where we will soon be venturing as well.

We hope that all of you will enjoy our new spring fare! As always, we are all very grateful for your continued business and support and we look forward to serving you in the days and months ahead.

All the best,

The Seasons Gourmet Catering Team

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By the time you read this, most of you will be preparing for a festive New Year’s celebration, or perhaps, recovering from too much holiday festivities, or perhaps suffering from post holiday stress disorder and mild to extreme shock like symptoms when the credit card bills start to roll in.

As we close the books on what has been our 15th year in business and look ahead to the New Year, we would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation for all of you who continue to support us in what we do and afford us a canvas on which to express our love and passion for food.

As many of you know, for the past few months of this year, Stuart has been on the road less, in the office less, and more firmly entrenched in our kitchen. While he has always liked to have a direct impact on the foods we serve, over the years, our business has evolved and his responsibilities took him out of the kitchen more often. However, having spent so much of his time recently back in the kitchen, he has rediscovered his roots and the sincere pleasure he derives from cooking comforting, tasty and, (occasionally) inspired foods! This is where he feels he can do the most good for you, our valued customers, and where, along with our talented staff, he will work to produce culinary treats for you in the year to come.

Please enjoy our new featured menus to help usher in the New Year. They are rich with seasonal fare! As always, Stuart has offered a few conservative suggestions and others that are more whimsical. All of which are delicious and perfect for your next catered meeting or event.

Once again, please accept our thanks and gratitude for all of your continued support! All of us at Seasons Gourmet Catering wish you a safe, healthy, happy and prosperous new year.

All the best,

The Seasons Gourmet Catering Team

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